Digital art on the run..

We all like a label. However, I hesitate to place a label on what I do that I call art. It is not photography, as colloquially known, since it seldom has a recognisable object or scene. Nor is it digital art, in the sense of an image constructed purely out of my imagination and realised in software. Indeed, since some pieces exist only when printed onto paper, cut out, arranged and then glued to board, so are they even digital? I have borrowed the found term of abstract photography, which will have to serve, but  seems to me a non-sequitur.

My work begins with surfaces discovered in my wanderings – hence the strapline.  I use whatever I have to hand, which is often a smart phone. My interest is in colour, light and texture. My images of surfaces may stay more or less as they are found. Others, to bend a phrase from Paul Klee, I take for a long walk. My craft, such as it is, is in my eye and in the manipulation of bits.

Although the end result I strive for is an abstract, I like to work from real surfaces  because they retain a naturalistic, organic, balance and feel. It is difficult to fake this de novo in software and why would you? If I did, I would take care to make them inorganic.

My approach might sound serendipitous, which it was in the beginning, but a lot of time has been spent in developing the eye for it, not to mention shoe leather and friendships worn down. I am still in the foothills but increasingly see fresh routes to develop my approach.

“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see”Henry Thoreau